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Short Courses for Health Care Professionals

Short Courses for Health Care Professionals

Certifications offered:
Medical Billing
Medical Coding
Sterile Processing

Medical Assisting/ Patient Services Specialist

Medical Assisting/ Patient Services Specialist

Become a Medical Assistant | EKG Tech | Clinical Assistant | Medical Administrative Assistant | EKG Telemetry Tech

Medical Office Administration

Medical Office Administration

Become a Medical Coder | Medical Insurance Biller | Medical Records Clerk | Medical Office Clerk

Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant

Turn your love for animals into a fulfilling and rewarding career!

Sterile Processing Tech

Sterile Processing Tech

Become a Central Processing & Distribution Technician (CPD Tech)
Instrument Technician
Sterile Processing & Distribution Tech (SPD)

Software Classes

Software Classes

Your computer software skills can impact the career opportunities that are available to you, so get the skills you need to be competitive!

Office Clerk

Office Clerk

Office Clerks are called on to perform a wide variety of different job functions. Our program prepares you for the tasks that are likely to come your way.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Administrative positions are some of the most needed – and most competitive – jobs out there. Give yourself a clear advantage with our specialized training.

Administrative Accounting Clerk

Administrative Accounting Clerk

Does the orderliness and logic of numbers resonate with you? Turn that love of numbers into a career! Opportunities for Accounting Clerks are always increasing.

Administrative Medical Clerk

Administrative Medical Clerk

The medical administrative industry is growing, so it’s time to get qualified! Work for medical practices, health insurance companies & medical billing departments.

“I struggle in school.”

With small class sizes and hands-on learning opportunities, our instructors are able to provide you with the attention and support you need to be successful.

“I’m just too busy.”

Our flexible classes can accommodate just about any schedule, enrollment is always open, and you can complete training in as little as 7 to 36 weeks!

“I can’t afford the expense.”

You can’t afford NOT to start thinking about your future! And with lower tuition costs and financial aid available, we put career training within reach.

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The Skills You Need

Marianna M

I wanted to update my resume skills. Thanks to the committed and encouraging staff, the hands-on training, and the small class sizes

Paola C.

The instructors offered a lot of encouragement and had patience. I wanted to gain administrative skills

Kayla U.

The environment and instructors were amazing! Without the education I received here, I would not have been able to get a job working in what I love to do best.


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  • I wanted to update my resume skills. Thanks to the committed and encouraging staff, the hands-on training, and the small class sizes I was able to achieve a proper understanding of the curriculum. I also improved my typing and 10-key. With my new transferable skills I feel prepared to re-join the workforce. Now that I’ve earned my certificate, I’m so thankful for all the assistance in career services. If you’re focused and ready to learn, this school is for you.

    • Marianna M
  • The instructors offered a lot of encouragement and had patience. I wanted to gain administrative skills and now I have more confidence in my skill set.

    • Paola C.
  • The environment and instructors were amazing! Without the education I received here, I would not have been able to get a job working in what I love to do best. I would even consider going back to receive education in other curriculum they have.

    • Kayla U.
  • I would recommend attending Stellar Career College to all of my friends and even family! After taking their Administrative Accounting Clerk II course, I was able to land a job as an Office Manager at a court reporting firm and I had absolutely no administrative background before attending this school! The instructors and staff genuinely care about my future and with that I was able to successfully complete my courses and obtain my certificate.

    • Caroline N.
  • Attending here has removed some of the “rough edges” that had been hindering my ability to move forward. I chose to attend because of the job placement and networking services. Thank you for accepting me into your school.

    • Maria T.
  • The faculty and staff does a great job to make sure you learn. Now I have more knowledge that I didn’t have before and attending has motivated me to reach even further!

    • Rachel S.
  • I know what I like doing. When I attended other schools I felt like I was learning a lot of unnecessary subjects. I learned exactly what I needed in order to get the job I want. Everything was great. You need more locations to do what you guys do!

    • Kaleen G.
  • Everything was great. I couldn’t ask for a better school. Everyone here is awesome!

    • Rena R.
    • Rena R. Employed with Teresa Johnson & Associates
  • I really liked that it was a hands-on program. The training helped me get my foot in the door to start a career!

    • Chelsea F.
    • Chelsea F. Employed with Stanislaus County of Education
  • Coming to school full time from 8 to 5 was a challenge, but it prepared me for a full time administrative position. I was able to enhance my skills and now I have a professional resume. I liked that I learned a new subject every week. In the future I plan on continuing my education and eventually becoming a nurse.

    • Yovana H
    • Yovana H. Employed with Clendenin Bird & Company
  • My instructors were always willing to help. One of my biggest challenges was separating my home life with school, but the school worked with me. Stellar Career College has given me the knowledge to start a successful career. My goal along with employment, is to buy a house and have a home to call my own. Thanks to everyone who helped me graduate.

    • Courtney A.
  • Getting to know the instructors was something I really liked. Some of the people here have made a big impact on me and how I see my future. No one ever gave up on me even when I was having a lot of personal issues that affected my attendance Now I have a job lined up which was my goal! Stellar Career College as given me a clearer perspective on what I want in life.

    • Alysha R.
  • I appreciated the fact that the instructors always had time for the students and their questions. Now that I am finished, I finally have transferable skills that will allow me to get back into the workforce after being out for so long.

    • Aubrianna H.
  • I loved the collaboration from all instructors. Their constant communication about individual pace and content provided a tailored training experience. I am now better qualified for the admin. positions I desire.

    • Katelin N
    • Katelin N. Employed with SJ Morgan Private Lending
  • Everything was great at Stellar Career College! From the instructors to the office staff, everyone is treated like family and the staff really care about each of the students. I boosted up my keyboarding and data entry skills. I learned so much about the medical field thanks to my awesome medical instructor (Marilyn)! Now that I am employed in the field, I want to continue my learning and eventually work at a children’s hospital helping children with disabilities. Thank you Stellar Career College for helping me make such a positive change in my life.

    • Selena P
  • I loved that fact that the instructors were passionate about teaching. Their positive attitude and personalities was a plus. I am a single mother and my teachers were very considerate. Attending Stellar Career College has allowed me to have more options and leave the fast food industry.

    • Briseila S
  • I really liked that I was able to work at my own pace. I am a lot better at typing and am more confident going into job interviews. They were really kind and flexible and I was able to grad early!

    • Clarisa K
  • I really appreciated the dedication of all of my instructors. I know that they cared about me learning the material. Also, I like the fact that all of the work was done on campus so I could get the help I needed. I had a challenge with my transportation, it was a rough time but I’m glad that it all worked out and that Vic helped me with options to get to and from school. The training I received in the Administrative Medical Clerk program has helped open some nay doors to a new career. Keep on doing what you guys do.

    • Carina
  • I really enjoyed learning Excel and the medical portion of the program. My biggest challenge was getting up on time! I improved a lot on my typing speed. My goal is to start working in the medical field and further my education. Everyone that works here has a great attitude. Kristina was my favorite staff member! Thank you to everyone who helped me.

    • Paula V.
  • There were some subjects that I felt I already knew and didn’t need. However, I am very happy that I was able to take those subjects as I am much stronger in them. Accounting was intense but I really learned a lot!

    • Nora P.
  • I enjoyed learning Quickbooks and Excel the most. I’ve learned so much about Accounting. I have now gained the skills I need for the jobs that I want. Stellar Career College is an excellent school.

    • Salena R.
  • Attending Stellar Career College has boosted self-confidence for re-entry into the employment world. I feel more confident with my skills now.

    Employed with Lakewood Memorial Park

    • Laura A.
  • Stellar Career College has really given me the confidence in my skills. I have learned a lot of new programs that will help me in finding a new career. All of my instructors did an amazing job!

    • Rebecca A.
    • Nicole B. Administrative Assistant II Graduate
  • Prior to starting Stellar Career College, I had my high school diploma and had only taken a few courses at MJC. My employment history consisted of cashiering and customer service type jobs. I came for a free software class the school was offering and after that I realized that I needed to get more education for the types of job I wanted to do. I gained more knowledge in Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint. My typing speed went from 30wpm to 40wpm during my time here.

    Everyone has been very helpful in my journey. All of the instructor’s had so much patience and always had time to make sure I understood the lesson plans.

    • Mayra Q.
  • Before attending Stellar Career College I was working as a hair stylist. I wanted to switch careers to something administrative. The support from staff and faculty was great. I was able to complete the accounting program I enrolled in and I was also able to take the medical portion at no additional cost!

    Employed with Ripon Manufacturing Company

    • Tiffany K.

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